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ADVERTISE YOUR WEBSITE! Reach your online search market!

Attract online visitors searching for your offering! Advertise on a page that RANKS HIGHLY in seach engines.

A banner here will be seen by local, interested people who are already looking for YOU!

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Banner Advertising

Sponsor your target markets category and DRIVE interested vistors to your own website.

Visitors have proven their interest by choosing to view the page. You know WHERE they live & WHAT they want! Advertise to them!

Every visitor to the category will see your LARGE banner at the TOP of the page.

Category Sponsorship - Cheap & easy search marketing!

Fixed, cheap monthly rates for each category. TARGET your MARKET. Book ahead for a low fixed rate. Very SIMPLE advertising.

Provide a graphic banner or design your own. Secure payment. Attract customers wihtin hours. Book now!
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Bournemouth Exchange offers a FREE banner creation tool.

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Case Study : Property
An estate agency knew using the Exchange classifieds their advertising got an excellent response rate .

They sponsored all the property categories on the local Exchange website.

They used different banners to attract sellers, buyers, landlords & tenants.

As soon as the campaigns started the traffic to their site lifted .

The agency sponsored the property section of their local Exchange for the next 18 months.

Exchange banners became an essential and important part of their marketing, more successful than other MORE EXPENSIVE advertising.
Sponsorship is priced per section, per month for EXCLUSIVE top banner billing of the section you book.

Choose a section & category to check rates & availability from the table :.

Banner Pricing and Availability
Home Leisure Family
Friends & dating
All pricing is fully inclusive and subject to change without notice.
You will struggle to buy premium advertising space on top search ranking web pages at these low rates.

Why pay more? At these low rates why not just give it a go!

There is a category for almost any business to attract customers.

Generate SALES! Reduce your advertising spend..

Check the low advertising rates & try a month.

Simple, CHEAP search advertising.
Graphic Banners : Upload a graphical banner.
Size : 468px wide, x 60px high OR 728wide x 90high. Format : GIF, JPG, SWF or any of the STANDARD technical formats.

Text Banners : Create a text message advertisement.

Example text banner:
Sponsor a category
Your advertising message appears at the top of the page

Create a banner using the simple design tool. Select your own colours and wording.

Quick & easy! Get started today!

Save the time & expense of graphic design.

The current 25% DISCOUNT ends soon - book now!
Case Study: Employment Agency
An online employment agency had low traffic to the agency website despite significant advertising spending.

Knowing they got an excellent response from quality applicants to their Exchange classified advertising they decided to start a banner campaign. They sponsored all of the categories using different messages to attract both job candidates & employers. Within hours the traffic to their website had lifted dramatically.

They were thrilled with the results and did not hesitate to book another campaign.


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